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Simply put, Prawn is the quintessential passion project. Although Chef Mark Peel (Campanile, La Brea Bakery, Ma Maison, Chez Panisse) has nothing to prove as an elite innovator, his passion for breaking bread with foodies from all origins - not just those able to fork a big bill - has long inspired him to democratize “high-end” food. And what’s more high-end, and inherently high-brow, than seafood? With Prawn, Chef Peel breaks all the molds to offer an elevated fast-casual experience to diners refusing to compromise taste and quality for price. 

Mark Peel reached out to us at the very inception of this project, with little more than a concept: making seafood accessible, through a growth-friendly endeavor, and celebrating fast-casual in an elevated, refined way. Working with Peel’s exceptional management team, we imagined our dream lunch spot, our perfect happy hour destination: the kind of perfect pit-stop you end up craving on a regular basis. 

As creative directors of the brand, we named, logo-ed, branded, and designed Prawn to be all that.  Walking the line between simple and elegant, our objective was to create a space that feels on trend without being trend-dependent. Multi-location restaurants are very particular in that they require brand elements that are distinctive yet can be repeated without taking away from the unique experience each location offers. 

Prawn sets itself apart as an unapologetic ode to the sea: distinctive jade hues, bright fish scale tiling, clean white surfaces mixed with aged wood, underwater life murals are all designed to celebrate and carry the carefully crafted seafood-centric menu. Each location, large and small, tells the same story in a different tone, making each experience novel yet familiar. No matter where you end up experiencing it, incredible, unpretentious dishes in a memorable setting are what truly sets Prawn apart.

"The Imagists, and Christophe specifically, are superb. Christophe's ability to understand a business concept and bring creative life and energy to it through a collaborative and engaging partnership is not only impressive, but also a true breath of fresh air. ​Christophe is an earnest partner who understands how to develop and unify a beautiful brand with the business that depends on it attract attention and develop public confidence. Choose The Imagists. You won't regret it."

John Shin - CEO, Prawn


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