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Sound body, sound mind.


The US Market for sports nutrition, bars and sports drinks is set to pass $20B by 2020. Sport protein powders make up over 70% of the current market, and the old stigma of protein supplements as “bodybuilder juice” has long disappeared. Now however, all protein powders are not created equal. Committed to only using pronounceable, easily recognizable ingredients, LYF has set out to create the cleanest, healthiest protein powder on the market.

Always evolving to incorporate the latest discoveries and technologies into its products, the company wanted its product packaging and its visual identity to feel fresh and future-forward, yet organic and approachable. The logo, simple yet impactful, calls for a clean, line-driven aesthetic. The photography used on all material is equally meaningful in its simplicity. Far more than a supplement manufacturer, LYF is a true lifestyle company, whose various components culminate in creating better habits, and a healthier body and mind.


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More Work