Effortless luxury in simplicity


Embodying elegance in simplicity, Héros creates seasonless silhouettes in luxury fabrics, each customizable with hand embroidery. The stunning garments, conceived by famed Scottish fashion designer Joni Kilmurry as luxurious wardrobe staples, warranted the creation of a minimalist, refined-at-every-step brand. Working with the creator since the very inception of the first pieces, we were inspired by the natural elegance of the fabric and cuts, to create an ethereal, feather-light identity.

Very editorial-driven, each brand element is conceived to showcase Héros' unique aesthetic. Beyond the graphic design elements themselves, the choices made in colors, textures and "feel" of each material warrant are bound to make a strong impression. Launched in the September issue of Vogue, to quickly become the darling of fashion editors around the country, Héros is poised to become a reference in terms of understated, yet unmistakable luxury.

"With their expertise and guidance, impeccable taste and direct approach, The Imagists instantly became an integral part of our team. The team makes for highly efficient, creative, collaborative and professional partners and we continue to work together, to ensure that they remain involved in every aspect of our brand environment and creative decision making. HÉROS and The Imagists created a beautiful brand together, one that we’re incredibly proud of."

Joni Kilmurry - Founder, Héros


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More Work