Granada Hills Charter

Reinventing an institution from the ground up.

Branding Academics

Largest charter school in the nation, impeccable academics, impressive achievements on the field… there are many reasons to be proud to be a Granada Hills student. Yet, without a strong identity to gather around and celebrate, what was missing was a bit of school spirit.

‍Inventing an identity for the #1 charter in the Los Angeles area is no small task. Our objective was to create an aesthetic celebrating the school’s history and customs, yet youthful enough to be loved, celebrated and supported by the current and future generations of “Highlanders”. In a nutshell, we wanted the students to be proud of being part of the Granada Hills family.

Expanding to Athletics

Creating a dichotomy between a clean academic mark and a sportier mark reserved for athletics allowed us to truly set the school apart. and celebrate its heritage while being resolutely turned to the future. The “Westie” mascot, now beloved by the students, celebrates the school’s fighting spirit at every game, conceived and designed by us from head to toe.


More Work

More Work