Café Racer

We love motorcycles.


It’s not hard to create something great when you love what you’re working with! And we happen to LOVE motorcycles: riding them, modding them, talking about them… you can’t stop us once we’re revving. It only made sense we’d be asked to create a cool identity for the most awesome motorcycle café on the West Coast.

Effortlessly trendy, high-end gritty, post-modern chill are words that come to mind when checking out the “motorcycle clothing store meets café” concept.

Beyond creating the brand’s distinctive identity, signage and collateral print material, we helped design the space to cater to all types of visitors, from hip travelers to local gear heads, who rub elbows at the retro bar counter at all hours of the day.

We also partnered with a locally grown apparel company to create a full line of t-shirts and racer backs, soon to be worn all over the city. Café Racer also commissioned our graphic artists to design a series of full-size posters inspired by the golden age of café racing, to be sold exclusively in their store. 


More Work

More Work