Bayou San Francisco

Creole casual in fog city.


From those who brought institutions like Café Claude and Garçon to San Francisco comes Bayou, a creole kitchen and rotisserie, with a first location in the heart of the Mission.

The multi-location concept offers authentic Louisiana fare in an intimate setting reminiscent of, well… being in the bayou. Lunch is fast-paced, while evening diners linger and take in the quiet charm inherent to the decor and ambiance. Our objective was to create an aesthetic that celebrates Louisiana’s ancestral joie de vivre, through a timeless and powerful visual mark.

We conceived the brand’s identity as an homage to its roots, with a majestic egret in flight hinting at the restaurant’s bustling delivery service. The alternate “B” mark, used on many platforms, is also an integral part of the brand’s aesthetic. The delicate balance between clean and retro gives the logo a contemporary, ageless feel. 

Restaurants need a lot of collateral, and we love making sure everything you eye catches is beautiful and conveys the same feel. Menus, signage, tableware, napkins, aprons, food containers… everything “Bayou” is carefully thought out and designed to celebrate a simple, refined cuisine in a fresh, clean environment.


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More Work