Custom Tiles 

“A lot of restaurants over the past few years have used handmade plates and bowls, and what I think we’ll see next are . . . handmade artisan tiles by local artists.” (Ana Henton). Tiles aren’t just for bathrooms anymore and are often simply too beautiful to limit the space they occupy. We are expecting to see more custom tiles on backsplashes on bars and accent walls in restaurants.

Fresh Is In

Out with the industrial chic design that has been severely overused (and sometime abused) throughout the past few years; and in with a fresher, brighter vibe. With market trends shifting towards people pursuing a healthier lifestyle, the California boho-chic aesthetic is very on trend well beyond the Golden State.

Sharing Is Caring

Owning a restaurant on your own can quickly become an uphill battle to keep costs under control. To combat this issue, restauranteurs are teaming up to cohabitate spaces. One example we have seen is at Again Cafe x Chibiscus Ramen in Pasadena, California. This unique space operates as a bakery during the day, and a ramen shop come 5 o’clock. Co-ops, modern food halls, and shared spaces are also in demand, such as Gotham West Market in New York City.


Neon is making a huge comeback with its retro feel and ability to channel both a contemporary and edgy vibe. The right use of colorful neons can be used to create a moody and surreal atmosphere in any space.

No Trends

Trends are trends for a reason; as time passes they come and fade away. We are finding newer restaurants to be designed based on what the owners, chefs and patrons know and love. We are therefore seeing more intimate, original and timeless interiors that feel alive and can be tastefully edited and kept “fresh” as time move on.