Logos are, by far, the most prominent brand elements in the hotel world. Think about it: from the door to the matches at the bar, to the robes in your room's closet, they are everywhere. Having a well-crafted mark is, therefore, absolutely essential for a proper hospitality brand. Here is a round up of a few that have caught our eye, in no particuliar order.


Incredible scratchboard artist Steven Noble created this mischievous and baroque slice of European culture as the SLS Hotels' new logo identity.


Freehand Hotels are known to be eclectic and design driven, just like their logo! We particularly like the "painted" feel we get from the irregularities in the font.


Committed to being a platform for change, the 1 logo represents the fact that we only have one Earth and it is our duty to safeguard it as best as possible.

Hotel Bachaumont

The very simple and beautiful logo from Hotel Bachaumont in Paris exudes a classic Parisian style with a very Chanel-like vibe.

Holiday House

The logo for Holiday House in Palm Springs is simply timeless with its major mid-century vibes.

Nomad Hotel

The Nomad's logo is as classy and elegant as the hotel itself.

Le Palmier

What would a blog post be without our own personal touch? We created the Le Palmier logo to emulate the kind of luxury you can find in Moroccan riads and properties on the French Riviera.