I am beyond excited to announce our second office is now open! Passionate as we are about great food, hospitality and amazing wines and cocktails, it only made sense we’d turn to Portland, Oregon to share our love for impeccable branding and beautiful design. I have been coming to Portland for years, and have always felt a particular connection with the city. To me, it embodies the word “Quality”. A notion that has been relegated to the backseat of others such as profit, high margins, and “sellability" in so many industries, but remains a staple in evreything we do at The Imagists.

Portland has an incredibly unique soul, a human-size feel with a big appetite for culture, discovery, adventure and acceptance. The city harbors - and regularly welcomes - some of the most talented craftsmen and craftswomen, eager to lend their creativity to the city's unique love for all things beautiful, original and... delicious!

I would lie if I said the expansion was purely strategic: it is truly a move from the heart. Proof being that I myself relocated to be closer to the Pacific Northwest I hold so dear. I will therefore continue to travel all over the country to meet our amazing clients often, but from PDX… the most loved airport in America! Simplify, think and adjust: the rules of good branding apply, after all, very much to life itself as well.

We are all looking forward to getting to know our future PNW partners, and remain fully committed to our clients and friends everywhere in the US. We invite you to get in touch and come visit, and more than anything, cannot wait to continue building amazing projects with all of you.

Cheers, and Happy 2019!

Bonus: Wilson looking back to a whirlwind 2018, while encouraging you to follow him into the new year..