Modern desert style was born from mid-century modern design (aka the style of interior design). In recent years this style has been brought to life with an intensity fueled by ever popular desert-based music festivals such as Coachella. A combination of interior design and fashion have fused together to create a unique aesthetic that emanates a free spirited, bohemian vibe.

This style is most noted for its abundance of desert botanicals and neutral tones placed in white airy rooms. Don't forget the accents of Southern American style textiles, handwoven rugs, wood furniture, and macrame accessories.

Whether you live on the East Coast or in Palms Springs, integrating elements of Desert Modernism is quite easy as long as you follow our desert design elements guide below.

Bring In Wood Furniture

If you're going to create desert modernism, at least one wood furniture accent is a must to add a rustic touch.

Paint Your Walls White

The modern element of this style demands that you have crisp, white walls to properly showcase the colorful rugs and rustic wood accents in your home. Without them, your overall aesthetic may have too much of a cabinlike or New Mexican vibe.

Integrate Botanicals

Drought resistant plants such as the ever popular cactus are another essential for a desert modern vibe. Palm trees, other succulents and air plants are great additions as well.

Add in Worldy Textiles

As this aesthetic borrows elements from the California eclectic style, bohemian accessories such as indigo textiles and mud-cloth pillows help complete this look.

Lay Down a Colorful Rug

Successful Desert Modernism has many layers of color and texture, therefore do not be shy when picking a rug. The more design it has the better. Just make sure the tones fall on the more earthly side of the color spectrum.

Don’t forget the Decorations

Get creative with your own blend of macrame accessories, long horn skulls or any other wild west meet California eclectic decorations. With desert modernism you can be as minimal or wild as you please.