2017 is the year of the bowl. The Buddha Bowl to be exact. Once a meal staple for vegans and veg heads alike, now everyone wants to enjoy the nutritious benefits of eating their daily nutrients in an aesthetically pleasing bowl form. Lets face it, salad and veggies in general can be a bit boring. Yet, there is some sort of magical transformation that comes to be when you take that boring salad and add different elements such as grains and beans, all fashioned together in a beautiful bowl. Buddha bowls are aesthetically pleasing, delicious, and more importantly easy to make. To make one is simple. All one has to do is line a bowl with your favorite greens, then add protein on one side with your favorite grain on the other. Add assorted vegetables, a little healthy fat component and finish with your favorite dressing for a quick and nutritious meal. Having trouble deciding what to put in your bowl and need a little inspiration? 

Check out these 5 delicious buddha bowl recipes below:

The Savory Vegan

Nourished Everyday

Salt and Lavender

Contentedness Cooking

The Healthful Ideas