1.) Punk Me Tender

Mysterious artist Punk Me Tender is known for his very graphic, raw form of art. Inspired by women, fashion, and style, his art offers a new look on the female body, claiming that desire is the biggest drive in everybody’s soul. We happen to love his giant butterfly murals that can be seen throughout Los Angeles.


2.) Artlord

Artlord makes paintings and street installations. By using popular themes of pop and recycled culture, Artlord seduces the viewer into a world of ongoing equilibrium and the interval that articulates the stream of daily events. His use of widely known pop themes and endless colorful details make his work irresistible.



3.) Hijack

Hijack’s works are a revelation in street art – imaginative, brilliantly constructed and seen in cultural hot spots all over the globe, from Los Angeles to London.  As he’s evolved as an artist, Hijack has crafted a persona, inspired by the spirit of music and the poetry of everyday life. We love his interpretation of the very specific style of street art popularized by Banksy.


4.) Finley

New York and Rome based artist C. Finley is known for her elaborate geometric paintings, skillful use of color and her activism through street art. Finley has shown internationally with exhibitions at Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna; Superchief Gallery Los Angeles; Jenn Singer Gallery New York; Context/Art Miami; Scope Miami and New York; FDA Projects, Rome; High Energy Constructs and Salon Oblique, Los Angeles; and the Dumba Collective, New York. We love her use of vivid colors and intricate use of geometric shapes within her work.


5.) D* Face

D* Face is an English multimedia street artist who uses spray paint, stickers, stencils and posters. His pop-inflected body of work critiques the modern world, but more specifically consumerism and the American Dream. We adore his bold, crisp lines and comic book style pieces.