1.) Pineapple Cocktail Shaker

2017: The year of the pineapple? We’ve been seeing these brass/copper beauties featured in trendy restaurants such as Leo’s Oysters in San Francisco, among others. 

Price: $99

2.) The Wines of Dali

Following up on the best-selling cookbook Les dîners de Gala, in this delightfully eccentric guide the surrealist master shares his passion for the gift of the gods. The book explores the many myths of the grape, in texts and sensuous and subversive works by the artist, always true to his maxim: “A real connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes of its secrets.”

Price: $60

3.) Gold Flatware

Seriously, it’s 2017, why are we still using boring flatware? Thankfully companies such as Casa De Perrin understand how to create beautiful flatware and do so in finishes such as 24k and rose gold.

Price: $89 per set

4.) Matte Black French Press

An edgy update to the classic French press, CB2’s porcelain press steeps in modern style. Who cares about the water line when you can look at this sleek black beauty adding elegance to your coffee table?

Price: $29.95

5.) 3 Ingredient Cocktails

Anyone who has ever been intimidated with the idea of having to make a perfect cocktail (and opted for wine instead) needs this book. I mean... 3 ingredients people! There is not much room to mess up. Plus, this book tells the concise history of of the best classic cocktails, so you can start your journey to become an expert in your own right.

Price: $9.50

6.) Eccentric Bottle Opener

In a food obsessed society, a gold pizza bottle opener seems fitting (in addition to a gold pretzel, brass pineapple and pink donut).  Fun, functional and affordable, the bottle openers from Waiting on Martha are gifts that will make great stocking stuffers or fare well on their own.

Price: $8-$25

7.) Black Tumblers

Matte black on the outside, shiny black on the inside; these tumblers are bound to make a statement. They are smooth to the touch, stackable, impact resistant and only cost $36 for a pack of six!

Price: $36 for 6

8.) Marble Rolling Pin

Wooden rolling pins are so amateurish. Purchase your friends a design centric pin they can be proud of by choosing something made of cool white marble. 

Price: $24.95

9.) Himalayan Salt Pestle & Mortar

It's highly possible that your food loving friend has a standard postal and mortar in their kitchen. True aficionados of the grind will actually own one made of salt, Himalayan pink salt to be exact. Pounding your herb concoctions in this bowl is a sure way to upgrade those flavors.

Price: $21

10.) Gourmet Cookie Box

Sadly not all gifts are meant to last forever, but you might as well enjoy them while you can! $65 may seem like a lot for this holiday cookie box from Maman’s, but they were on Oprah’s list of favorite things, so they have to be good right? Plus any sane individual will not be able to resist the temptation that comes from white chocolate candy cane pretzel or nutty chocolate chip cookies.

Price: $65