From ideation to execution, we are born multi-taskers. Just like architects building your dream home, we work with you to identify your needs and objectives, and create a true bespoke strategy to achieve them together. Our role as branding experts is to conceptualize, execute and oversee solid, efficient activations to create a lasting, memorable impact on your audience. As your partner in building your brand, we act as “creative directors”, organizing and overseeing the overall strategy all under one roof.

Each brand is intrinsically different from another. The current state of your brand, its history and its potential all help determine the right course of action. We help you define the ideal direction for your brand by surveying your market, competition, and identifying the unique characteristics that set your brand apart.

Identifying an opportunity is only the first step of building a successful brand. When it comes to long-term impact, planning a thorough strategy encompassing long-term goals and short-term activations is the key to success. Our expertise in all facets of what makes a brand truly remarkable translates into a clear, efficient plan of action.

Strategy without execution is bound to remain “a good idea”. As your brand’s architects, we ensure all the material necessary to your success is in your hands. Our network of top level designers is here to create the highest quality print and digital material, while our involvement as creative directors ensures you peace of mind and accountability.

We strive to be your brand’s best ally, and value long-term relationships. Whether you need direction to achieve your own goals, or are working on a client’s brand who could use some sprucing up, we will work with you and your team to achieve impressive, tangible results. Our success is built on flexibility, professionalism and accountability.


As an advisory firm, we provide  you with the very best in terms of surveying your market as well as planning and executing well thought-out strategies. As brand identity experts, our team conceives and creates the material necessary to achieve your objectives.

    • Market Benchmarking
    • Naming
    • Visual Identity Design

    Brand Building

    • Long-Term Roadmap Creation
    • Digital Media Marketing
    • Brand Partnerships Activation


    • Visual Identity
    • Investor / Press Kits
    • Corporate Documents

    Print Design

    • Web Design + Coding
    • Social Media Pages Creation
    • Mobile UI / UX Design


    • Social Media Strategy
    • Targeted Campaigns
    • Short-Term Activations

    Social Media

    • Local Business Promotion
    • Creation of Local Partnerships
    • Event Supervision

    Local Activation


Corporate and Non-Profit
Small Businesses
Food and Beverage
Hospitality and Travel
Digital and Technology
Startups and New Ventures

Since the creation of the agency, our team has brought brands to life in a very broad variety of domains. We specialize today in the  areas above, although we often enjoy taking on brands that fall outside of our traditional scope.


These case studies are a ever-evolving collection of recent work we are proud of. We do not believe in “capabilities decks”, often boring and incomplete, and value live discussion above all, as it is the best way for you to get the answers you need, and us to showcase work that truly pertains to the most important field of them all – yours.

  • All
  • Packaging
  • Web
  • Visual Identity
  • Print
  • Mobile
  • Strategy
  • Social


From ideation of complete brand strategies to targeted campaigns aimed at specific results, we work with prominent corporations and small businesses alike to deliver the very best bespoke branding has to offer. Our talent and accountability makes us an incontrovertible asset when it comes to smart brand positioning and business development.





Christophe Galland – Founder / Creative Director

A forward-thinking brand expert since he opened his first award-winning agency at 19 years old, Christophe Galland has been defining communication and branding strategies for companies, institutions and individuals all over Europe and the United States. Now established in Los Angeles, he guides The Imagists’ vast clientele toward success by offering tailored innovative solutions to today’s demanding economic realities. Christophe is a regular speaker on seminars around the country, and also offers organizational and brand strategy consulting services to brands around the world. He also sits on the USC Annenberg Alumni Board of Directors.